Antistatic VS ESD Matting

Ergomat offers a number of mats with static dissipative properties. These mats are rated by the speed that static charge is conducted away from an individual through the mat to a grounded element. The more rapidly the charge is dissipated, the more protection these mats offer to sensitive equipment or from potentially volatile conditions.

he Ergomat mats that offer the least resistance to electrical charge, and consequently the greatest protection from the dangers of built up electrical charges, include the Nitril Conductive and the Nitril Smooth Conductive which are rated at a resistance in the range of 104Ω.

Our ESD mats include Infinity Bubble ESD, Infinity Smooth ESD, Infinity Deluxe ESD and Complete Smooth ESD which are rated at a resistance in the range of 108Ω.

Anti-static mats which provide a measure of static protection at a minimum level include the Infinity Bubble, Infinity Smooth, Infinity Deluxe, Classic, Complete Bubble, Complete Smooth which are rated at a resistance in the range of 109Ω.

Please note that all these resistance ratings are evaluated at a relative humidity of 50%. Increases in humidity will increase the speed of dissipation, and conversely a reduction in humidity will slow the speed.

In addition to all these mats with static control properties, Ergomat offers grounding cords which are recommended for any application where these mats will not be installed on a grounded floor. These cords should be installed for every 16 to 20 square feet of matting, and facilitate the conducting of a charge from the mat directly to an appropriately grounded element like the screw in a wall socket.